Our story as best as we can remember it. The whole thing started in April 1971 when we rented an old bowling alley in Amherst, MA. We filled it with stuff we thought people might like. It was a collection of used clothes, gifts, and things for your home. To help fill the store we sublet space to other folks looking to do the same. We had it all - a book store, plant stand, leather shop, tailor, cafe, record and tape store, and even a magician!!


Over time they came and went, some expanding into stores of their own. All that was left was us and the record store. We opened our Northampton store in 1986 (good). Then with the recession hitting us pretty hard in 1989 we closed our Amherst store (bad) in early 1991. Focusing on our Northampton store we were able to grow the business again. We added a second floor in 1994, enlarging our home store in the new downstairs space while expanding the clothing and gift sections on the main floor.


Things are going good. Northampton's a great town with a lot happening. We have the best crew we ever worked with and the store has never looked better (or that's what we're told). We've had a good time the past 33 years looking for stuff we thought you'd like to have in your life. For those of you who know us we hope you'd agree, for those of you just finding us.....well, come and take a look!!


We're not quite sure! We like to figure it out as we go.